LBC Express delivery to Victoria opens in October

Posted November 04, 2018 09:04:48 Delivery for the next LBC express delivery to Melbourne will start in October.The carrier said the next deliveries to the city will start on September 29 and October 4.The next delivery to Sydney will start October 5 and October 10.LBC said it is looking at adding more regional deliveries in 2018.ABC News:LBCExpress Delivery to Melbourne […]

New York, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston sign up for Amazon Prime delivery

SHAWarma Express Delivery is one of the few independent delivery services that is accepting Amazon Prime.The service is based out of Chicago, and the company has been expanding since March of this year.Amazon Prime Prime customers can order from the service and then pick up the items at a nearby location, like a restaurant or bar.The company has said that […]

How to get an air-conditioned bus in China?

The country’s new transportation rules for 2017 are being met with great enthusiasm, and it could be a boon for Chinese citizens who live outside the country’s cities.China has taken a big step toward putting more passengers on public transportation.Transportation officials announced Monday that buses, subways, and metro lines will now be air conditioned in cities.But in the past, Beijing’s […]

How to book a LBC Express delivery in Australia from Melbourne

Aussie commuters are on their way to a major capital city and Melbourne is becoming a more important destination for some.LBC Express, a high-speed online travel option for Australians, has launched a service called LBCExpress in Melbourne to offer commuters a choice of express delivery services.It offers fast and reliable journeys to major cities across Australia and a range of […]


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