How do you make sure you can buy food at a fast-food joint? Weigh in

The New York Times reported on Monday that fast-casual chains like Shake Shack and Qdoba Mexican Grill will be forced to use the same automated checkout system as grocery stores.The Times says that it obtained a copy of a draft proposal that the fast-shipping giant is sending to the Federal Trade Commission, and that it includes new safeguards to prevent […]

Why you need to upgrade to a TNT Express delivery service

TNT is the only company offering a direct delivery option to the masses.Now, it appears that one of their customers is also unhappy with the service.The customer, who is anonymous, sent a letter to Axios that reads:It seems like you’re making this a bigger deal than it needs to be.TNT’s express delivery service is a big hit with the masses, […]

Why Uber is so profitable for Amazon, Airbnb, and others

Amazon and Airbnb are among the world’s most popular online retailers, but the internet giant and the online rental service have had to compete against each other in recent years.Amazon is valued at $2.8 trillion and Airbnb is valued around $1.7 trillion, according to the latest valuation of the internet giants.Now, the two companies are set to become more competitive […]

How to buy a movie online in Australia

Posted December 11, 2019 08:05:20The movie rental and video store business in Australia is in an all-time high, with demand surging across the country as the holiday season comes to a close.And yet, despite that, Australians are only going to see a small portion of what is available to rent and purchase online.There is no easy way to pick out […]

GAIA Express Delivery to deliver to West, Georgia

Gaiad has announced it will deliver its own parcel delivery service to the US on Monday, and it will also offer West Express Delivery in the Atlanta area.GAIA Express delivery will be available from Monday and will be free of charge.It will include the following services:West Express Delivery, West Express Express Express, WestExpress Express, GaiAd, GAIA, Express DeliveryGaia, Georgia.GAIASail, GAIASail.COM, […]

Australian drivers find it’s not as hard to deliver your order as it seems

In the past, many of us have found it hard to get a delivery driver to deliver our orders.We are, after all, driving on the road, not in a taxi.But that’s changing.A new study by the Australian Government’s National Delivery Drivers Association (NDDA) has found that a growing number of Australians are finding it easier to find a delivery van […]

Why the Japonees are the perfect place for the new cargo express, and why you should care

cargo express has always been a bit of a catch-all for a number of things, but this year they’re finally getting a whole lot more interesting. In the case of the japanese express delivery service, you’ll need to be a certain level of cargo savvy to understand exactly what you’re getting.  In a nutshell, you need to have a certain amount of […]


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