How to find out if you’ll be able to buy a Royal Express delivery from a major online retailer

The Royal Mail will start rolling out the new Royal Express Delivery option on Sunday as part of the rollout of the new, all-digital postal service.The new service, which will only be available in the UK, will be available on the following major retailers:Amazon, Best Buy, Carrefour, Walmart, Toys ‘R Us, Target, Amazon Studios, eBay, Kmart, Office Depot, OfficeMax, TJ […]

Garuda’s delivery truck on a mission to deliver ‘a tonne’ of groceries to residents of Bendigo

Delivery trucks are the backbone of Australia’s delivery delivery system and the nation’s largest company, Garuda, is already making its mark in the local delivery market.With the delivery truck service already established, Garudas new delivery service, Bento Express, will offer its customers a whole lot more to choose from, and it will also deliver the equivalent of 2.4 tonnes of […]

When you pay with a credit card: What to look for

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A new wave of UK holidaymakers to arrive in France as holidaymakers leave UK

LONDON –  With many British holidaymakers leaving Britain, some will travel across the Channel in search of a new home, while others will head south, to France.The number of UK nationals travelling across the Mediterranean has risen by more than a third over the past year, with many Britons choosing to go to France, with France hosting the first-ever EU-wide […]

How to find a free ride on the Metro: A few tips on finding one

The best way to get to and from work and the best way for you to get back to it is by paying for the Metro.It’s not cheap, but it’s certainly possible. So how to get around the Metro?The answer is to know where you live, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.How to find free rides on the metro The […]

A new photo app for your photo and video conferencing

The next time you’re in a meeting and need a new photo, there’s a new app you can download that lets you take that photo and take that video.As Engadge’s Brian McNamara points out, it’s called Photo and Video Conferencing Express and it works exactly like the ones you’ll see in Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime messaging apps.All you need to […]

Delhi, Goa, Bengaluru to take over Delhi, Karnataka and Goa for UPS-India

India’s national carrier UPS India on Thursday said it is moving into Goa and Bengaluru in a bid to be India’s biggest delivery service provider.The move will see UPS India take over delivery of the major Indian airlines such as Air India and SpiceJet.UPS said it would provide global express delivery of goods, and the move will be accompanied by […]

When India’s biggest carrier to be hit by bomb blasts is Bombay Express

The Indian government has confirmed it is dealing with the fallout from the bomb blast at the Bombay-bound Indias Express, the first of several scheduled for the coming days.The carrier was supposed to depart from Mumbai on Thursday, but its route has been postponed as a result of the incident, Indian media reported.India’s top aviation regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority […]

Sonos to sell US delivery express service to US carriers

Express delivery services such as Sonos, Amazon Prime and Google Express are being offered to US service providers as part of a deal announced by the US company last week. The deal will see Sonos and Amazon offer their US-based delivery services through a new partner, the American Delivery Express (ADX) platform. Sonos, which has over 30 million subscribers in the US, […]

Which countries will receive the most refugees in the coming years?

The Philippines will host the biggest number of refugees in 20 years, and will be home to about three quarters of them, according to a new survey.The Philippines is expected to receive at least 1.3 million asylum seekers by 2024, up from 1.1 million last year, according the Migration Policy Institute’s 2017 Global Refugee Outlook.The country will host more than […]


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